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Critical Incident Stress Management - Debrief

Critical Incident Stress Debriefs are one part of the Critical Incident Stress Management process. Critical Incident Stress Debriefs work best when combined with a crisis support network such as follow-up services, outreach programs, professional care.

Critical Incident Scribe Course

CCII has created a new Critical Incident Scribe (four-day) Course. With the addition of a new course instructor with current course training material and curriculum.

Crisis Negotiation Techniques For First Responders

one-day workshop is designed to assist first responders in dealing with the challenging, demanding, and potentially violent interactions that can arise when encountering persons suffering mental illness and in a state of crisis.

Crisis Negotiators Recertification Course

This course will review the Incident Command Triangle, their respective roles and responsibilities. This course will review the importance of the negotiating team to correctly assess the subject/suspect’s emotional or mental state and level of reasoning

Crisis Negotiators Introduction Course

This two day course will provide a review and general understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Crisis Negotiator.

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