We provide quality training to instruct and qualify Police Officers and Responders in Crisis Negotiation and Incident Command

CCII offers current and comprehensive training in major incident command, crisis negotiations, scribe and crisis negotiation techniques for first responders. CCII provides the course training material and experienced instructors, which supports the hosting police service to acquire accreditation.

Quality Training

Canadian Critical Incident Inc. (CCII) provides current, comprehensive and quality education in Crisis Negotiations, Major Incident Command and Incident Response.  CCII delivers training in Incident Command Scribe, Advanced Crisis Negotiations for Front-Line Responders, Crisis Negotiator Introduction and Critical Incident Stress Management – Debrief.

CCII provides superior customized training to support community safety, reduce liability and advance peaceful resolution strategies in high-risk incidents where subjects are suffering from mental illness and/or are in a state of crisis.

Advanced Crisis Negotiations for Front-Line Responders

CCII’s Advanced Crisis Negotiations for the Front-Line Responder is a 3-day training opportunity designed to provide continuing education, skills improvement, and increasing proficiency for the Front-Line Responder, which includes Police, Mobile Crisis Response Team members, Health Care / Social workers, support staff and Supervisors.

Crisis Negotiation case studies use the power of example to teach negotiation strategies and critical incident response and examine the reality of high-risk incidents. Looking to past incidents where attendees can review what approaches the responders took, and how effective they were, will allow attendees to gain new insights into call dynamics.

Upcoming Events

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Crisis Negotiation Techniques for First Responders Hosted by Durham College Oshawa Campus
October 14 - October 15, 2023

Review concepts and techniques of crisis negotiation and crisis communication while dealing with the challenging and potentially violent interactions when encountering persons suffering from mental illness and in a state of crisis.

CCII - Critical Incident Scribe Course hosted by the Durham Regional Police Service
October 30 - November 2, 2023

The CCII has created a new Critical Incident Scribe (four-day) Course. With the addition of a new course instructor, course training material and curriculum hosted by the Durham Regional Police Service.

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