Every day I learned something new. Tom Hart and Kate Harrison were so professional and knowledgeable, which kept the class engaged. Excellent week!

Brenda O'Neill

Registered Nurse - Durham Regional Police Mental Health Support Unit

I believe the course curriculum covered in this course, is invaluable to not only negotiators, but also for front line officers and investigators.

Dave Parker

Brantford Police Service

I would strongly encourage any supervisor especially those from smaller police services to take this training in the spirit of risk management and crisis preparedness.

S/Sgt. Kevin Beaudoin LaSalle Police Service

S/Sgt. Administration & Corporate Support, CID Supervisor

Thank-you Tom, It was a terrific training opportunity.

Cst. Lorrie Anne Maitland

Crisis Negotiator, L-A Maitland, Woodstock Police Service

The feedback received from staff was very positive, relating to both your professional knowledge and extremely personable presentation, and the content of the program. Mental Health issues and how to appropriately interact with members of the public experiencing mental illness are among the most significant concerns in relation to officer safety. Providing information to officers regarding various mental illnesses, and how it may impact their investigation and enforcement actions is crucial to ensure officers can identify potential safety issues. Thank you again for providing Crisis Negotiation Techniques for First Responders to City of Pickering Staff.

Kimberly Thompson, CMM III, CPSO

Manager, By-law Enforcement Services, Corporate Services Department

CCII Scribe Course hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service; This course was very educational and informative related perfectly to the topic and great instructors !

Jennifer Scott

Liaison & Policy Officer Timmins Police Service

I was very interested in obtaining the knowledge,skills and abilities for the CCII Crisis Negotiators course, hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service. I was engaged and throughout could relate the information to many calls for service. I feel this course is an asset and will enhance my road knowledge,skills and abilities and in addition I can be called upon to crisis negotiate and assist in moving towards a peaceful solution.

Sherry Young

Sergeant - Greater Sudbury Police Service

Having not been provided the full Major Incident Commanders Course since 2008, I found the refresher course content and the practical exercise most valuable and beneficial. Thanks Tom and Greg!

Marci Shelton

S/Sgt. Woodstock Police Service

Hi Monique: Re: Crisis Communications and De-Escalation for Police Communicators Course. I just wanted to thank you for putting on an excellent training course. I heard from one of my Senior Communicators today that it was the best training that we have had in years. I truly appreciate your efforts and most certainly your expertise. Thank you again for making my co-workers stronger in their abilities to perform their function. Craig Maki Emergency Communications Manager

Craig Maki

Manager - Emergency Communications Greater Sudbury Police Service

The Crisis Negotiation Techniques for First Responders was an excellent course delivered by a very knowledgeable, professional. The content was very relevant, important and useful for Officers, who encounter critical incidents and crisis situations. Our Oshawa Municipal By-Law Enforcement staff have greatly benefited from Tom’s instruction and expertise.

Kevin C. Feagan

Manager, Municipal Law Enforcement Services, City of Oshawa

The content,instructors and learning environment all contribute positive to a experience and ensuring Incident Commanders are given the knowledge and tools required to take on such an important position.

Cst. Nicole Kadour

Cst. Critical Incident Response Team, Use of Force Instructor

I had a basic understanding of Incident Command prior to this course, but I feel much better prepared to handle any major incident applying these principles. Learning details of some tactics was incredibly helpful.

S/Sgt. Robin Abbott Hamilton Police Service

S/Sgt. Hamilton Police Service

My Crisis Intervention students benefited greatly from Tom's expertise. His years of hands on experience in the field, his practical tips, and his use of real life examples made for a very informative and memorable presentation.

Theo Selles, M.Sc.

Justice Studies Program, Humber Guelph University

Our agency interacts and cares for persons in crisis on a daily basis. Effective and compassionate response by staff is crucial for the safety of our clients and the community at large. Canadian Critical Incident Inc. provided vital information, methodologies and current awareness in the field to our staff. Tom’s material was delivered practically and with sensitive to our unique setting with men who live with concurrent disorders in a residential setting. The one-day course was engaging and impactful for the staff. Many thanks for your work and expertise in this area.

Frank Struth

Supervisor at St. Leonard’s House Place Peel

The Major Incident Commanders Course recently hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, is a need any Incident Commander.

Inspector Derek Johnson

Inspector with the Anishinabek Police Service, Thunder Bay

Highly recommend the Major Incident Commanders Course and training for all services, with Major Incident Command teams. Excellent instruction, current material and professional presentation. Great interaction with the class. Very engaging!

Michael Hunter North Bay Police Service

S/Sgt. Officer in Charge - Emergency Response Team

I would absolutely recommend this course to any Officer or Mental Health Personnel.

Jason Saville


The Critical Incident Commanders Course was very informative. At the start I felt totally unprepared for the Incident Command position, at the end of the course I was much more confident and I could meet the expectations if needed. Sgt. Steve Kloostra Chatham-Kent P.S Critical Incident Response Team

Sgt. Steve Kloostra Chatham-Kent Police Service

Sgt. Critical Incident Response Team

I enjoyed the content of the Critical Incident Command Scribe course, first learning the broader perspective, 2nd day of the scribe-specific training and the 3rd day being able to apply the learned materials into a practical scenario. I left feeling very confident.

Shanley Southworth - Halton Regional Police Service

Corporate Services - Senior Buyer

Great course. On point and current information. Excellent cast of instructors, who are recognized professionals from within their fields.

Sgt. Albert Pilbeam Chatham-Kent Police Service

Sgt. Critical Incident Response Team

Great course, would be of great value to any officer.

S/Sgt. Owen Lockhart Sarnia Police Service

S/Sgt. Professional Standards Branch

In business, as in life, there are consequences from making the wrong decision. If you’re ready to go to the next level in terms of gaining knowledge, experience and preparedness, then Crisis Negotiation Training from the Canadian Critical Incident Inc. (CCII) will enhance your skills. Tom Hart combines his in-depth knowledge of critical incident command and crisis negotiations with real-world experiences in an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Be prepared to confront non-routine decision making under extreme pressure, with limited information, in mission-critical, time-sensitive scenarios. Learn the importance of process to help you select, understand and use information and data to show you the way, so that your finely honed instincts can help guide the path to your desired outcome - with trust, confidence and commitment.

Dr.Howard Thaw

Dr. Howard H. Thaw, Negotiator - HELP.VC

CCII Scribe Course hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service; " Appricated the dynamics of the classroom - array of experience, you both set the tone - easy going, respectful and humorous...great!

Lynn St. Arnaud

Scribe for the Ottawa Police Service

Recently attended the CCII Major Incident Commanders Course hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service and was very satisfied with the course.

Staff Sargent Peter Orsino Greater Sudbury Police Service

Staff Sargent, Uniform Patrol

CCII provided Incident Response training for Scribes, Negotiators and Incident Commanders to members of the Greater Sudbury Police Service and other Services in Northern Ontario. This was done with the assistance of local and provincial experts. CCII also tailored the courses to ensure the scenarios were beneficial to all members of the Incident Response Team, being Incident Commanders, Scribes, and Negotiators and met the Ministry standards for certification and recertification.

Inspector Todd C. Zimmerman Greater Sudbury Police Service

Operational Support Inspector

The extensive experience of the Instructors provides the students with the knowledge required to undertake the demanding position of a Crisis Negotiator. This course exceeded my expectations.

Kevin DeClark

Police Constable

The Instructors have years of experience and share great insight into what works and does not work. All members of our service should have this training as they will be able to utilize the information and training daily.

Sergeant Matt Hall Greater Sudbury Police Service. Crisis Negotiators Course hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service October 2020.rtvice

Great course for people in jobs directly related to crisis negotiations, providing awareness of why and how people come to resolutions. Crisis Negotiators course, hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, October 2020.

Constable Stephen Katulka, Greater Sudbury Police Service - Tactical Unit member.

A great course overall. The training can be used for all types of police duties. Crisis Negotiators course, hosted by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, October 2020.

Sergeant Gilles Rainville, Greater Sudbury Police Service

The scenario-based training exercise was perfect! Two persons per team, with an instructor / mentor and adding a Tactical Advisor and Scribe was a great way to gain their knowledge too. Great format!

Staff Sergeant Geoff Dempster, Kingston Police Service Ontario

Staff Sergeant

CCII- Major Incident Commanders Course, hosted by the Kingston Police Service, November 2020. It was a great course, I would recommend it!

Sergeant Carla Stacey, Kingston Police Service


CCII-Major Incident Commanders Course, hosted by the Kingston Police Service, November 2020. “Very personable and knowledgeable instructors. A good mix of personal experiences and outside situations, along with critical events.” Staff Sergeant Brian Pete, Kingston Police Service, Ontario

Staff Sergeant Brain Pete, Kingston Police Service, Ontario

Staff Sergeant

CCII-Major Incident Commanders Course, hosted by the Kingston Police Service, November 2020. " Very much enjoyed the course, I learned a lot."

Sergeant Jonas Bonham, Kingston Police Service, Ontario


Crisis Negotiators Introduction course, delivered online via Durham College February 20 and 21, 2021. Thanks very much Tom. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Perhaps we will cross paths again in the future. All the best. Constable K. Malone Hamilton Police Service

K. Malone

Constable Hamilton Police Service

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