Crisis Negotiators Course and Recertification

October 5 12:00 PM - October 9 12:00 PM, 2020


The Greater Sudbury Police Service will be hosting a 5-day Crisis Negotiator and Recertification Course 2020. This course will be facilitated by Canadian Critical Incident Inc.

The Crisis Negotiators and Recertification Course provide a current and comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Crisis Negotiator in a 5-day period. The concepts and philosophy of crisis negotiations, subject/suspect assessment, mental illnesses and how to manage people in crisis will be reviewed to develop the Negotiator’s ability use defusing techniques, enhance active listening, effective communication skills and apply crisis negotiation strategies.

Dr. Jean-Guy Gagnon will review the skills needed to recognize and understand common mental illnesses and the challenges while attending with those suffering from a mental illness and in a state of crisis.

To successfully complete this course the student will be required to pass a written test (75% pass) and participate and pass a scenario-based training exercise and 100 % class attendance.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service will receive course accreditation from the Ministry of the Solicitor General via the Ontario Police College.


Monday October 5 to Friday October 9, 2020


Lionel E Lalonde Centre                   239 Montee Princpale, Azilda ON

Contact Person:

Emilia Luczak  GSPS Training Branch.

Phone: 705.675.9171 Ext. 2437

Learning Objectives

Upon completion students will:        Understand and employ concepts and techniques of crisis and hostage negotiations, subject assessment, suicide intervention and communicating with subjects, who are expressively violent and suffering from mental illness or in a state of crisis.

Enhance their ability to identify communication behaviours, use active listening skills and use techniques to create dialogue. They will understand when to apply these techniques while communicating with subjects suffering from a mental illness and/or in a state of crisis.

Be able to recognize the characteristics and have a basic understanding of mental illness including depression, schizophrenia, antisocial and borderline personality disorders and apply the appropriate crisis negotiation techniques and communication strategies.

Know the meaning of the Expressive and Instrumental Criminal as it pertains to subject assessment. Students will be able to assess characteristics and learn how to recognize and apply the appropriate crisis negotiation techniques.

Understand the elements and meaning of the Police Mission Statement and operational objectives. Understand Major Incident Command procedures for all responding personnel including the Crisis Negotiating Team, Tactical Team, Command Post, Scene Management, internal and external resources and terminology. Understand and apply their roles and responsibilities as a Crisis Negotiator through a coordinated effort to achieve a peaceful resolution.

Understand the use of third-party intermediaries and interpreters as an asset to the crisis negotiating team, as well as recognizing their demands, deadlines, and successfully negotiating through them.

Via the host police service, receive Ministry Accreditation become certified if successful. The Ministry of the Solicitor General certification is valid for three years.


October 5 12:00 PM - October 9 12:00 PM, 2020


Greater Sudbury Police Service - Training Branch


Lionel E Lalonde Centre 239 Montee Princpale, Azilda ON

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