Crisis Negotiators Recertification Course

Course Description

The Canadian Critical Incident Inc. (CCII) has revamped the Crisis Negotiators Recertification Course. This three-day course will provide a review of the role and responsibilities of a Crisis Negotiator. Crisis Negotiating with a hostage / barricaded / suicidal person is among the most stressful and difficult task a police officer will encounter.

This course will review the Incident Command Triangle, their respective roles and responsibilities. Attendees of the course will review the importance of the negotiating team to correctly assess the subject/suspect’s emotional or mental state and level of reasoning. This course will develop the Negotiator’s ability to use defusing techniques, enhancing active listening skills and effective communication.

The CCII Crisis Negotiators Recertification Course has instructed members of several police services such as South Simcoe P.S., Windsor P.S., Woodstock P.S., York Regional P.S., Toronto ETF, Niagara Regional P.S. Greater Sudbury P.S.

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