Crisis Negotiations Techniques For First Responders

Course Description

This two-day workshop is designed to assist first responders (police, 911 communicators, students in social justice studies and EMS), in dealing with the challenging, demanding, and potentially violent interactions that can arise when encountering persons suffering mental illness and in a state of crisis. This workshop is a tremendous learning opportunity for those who act as the first point of contact with persons in a state of crisis. The abilities which will be focused on and improved will significantly strengthen first responders crisis resolving skills as they allow further opportunity to resolve a crisis situation with minimal force. This course will help you acquire proper subject assessment and situational awareness, enhance active listening skills, and expand defusing/de-escalating techniques. Broaden your knowledge and understanding of mental illnesses and the common traits that can make them recognizable.

Developed in response to the Former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Frank Lacobucci’s recent report “Police Encounters with People in Crisis” (July 2014), Ontario’s Coroner Inquest, SIU investigations, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s continuing emphasis and critical awareness that more training needs to be acquired by first responders to interact appropriately with mental illnesses (March 2012 study).

The workshop material is a blend of the CCII Ministry accredited Crisis Negotiators course material used to instruct and qualify Police Officers as Crisis Negotiators throughout Ontario. Training includes the use of audio and video aids, blended with academic based learning via case studies, and terminology. Course delivery will be from an instructor with twenty years of experience and expertise knowledge of current crisis negotiations and 7 years experience as a Tactical Officer.

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