Crisis De-escalation for Front-line Officers (In Service Training)

November 2 8:00 AM - November 5 4:00 PM, 2020


Hosted By Peterborough Police Service, this 2 day customized training course in Crisis De-escalation will train front-line officers. . Attendees will learn that crisis intervention strategies like those used by Crisis Negotiators during a potential high risk incident that may aid in stabilizing the situation. Verbal de-escalation techniques will be studied that may reduce the immediacy of the threat so that more time, options, and resources can be called upon to resolve the situation. Attendees will learn many of the same skills Crisis Negotiators use to de-escalate, build rapport, and move the subject in agitation/crisis towards rational communication that benefits everyone involved. This course will review the concepts and techniques of crisis negotiations and subject assessment, suicide intervention and communicating with subjects suffering from mental illness and in a state of crisis. Attendees will also learn how trauma affects the brain and the ability to comprehend and communicate. They will learn to become more effective listeners which in turn will make individuals better customer service providers and overall better communicators. The training will aid in the reduction of high risk situations and incidents of escalating violence which may, in some instances, reduce the need for use of force interventions.


November 2 8:00 AM - November 5 4:00 PM, 2020


500 Water Street, Peterborough , ON

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