Major Incident Response for Front-Line Supervisors

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The line between life and death in an emergency situation is often drawn by the quality of Critical Incident Response by police and first responders.  Front-line emergency responders play a critical role in the managing the well-being, safety and security of both the public and the subjects involved in the incident.  Front-line Supervisors are faced with the pressure to manage high-risk, dangerous critical incidents and assist people in need while communicating and guiding the direction of critical incidents.

CCII has developed this four day course designed to provide Patrol Supervisors who are required to assume initial command of police operations in critical incident situations, with the knowledge and skills essential to the effective response, planning, and supervision of operations in a high risk situation.

This four day course will provide front-line supervisors with training to assume initial command of critical incidents and prepare them to understand a wide range of critical incident strategies including use of supports like Tactical Units and Crisis Negotiators. The course will also include managing a public order event and comprehensive high level search. This course will allow supervisors to gain an understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the Command Triangle, Critical Incident Commander, Crisis Negotiating Team, Tactical Team, Command Post, and Scene Manager in order to understand their own critical roles and responsibilities and become part of the communal team effort and effective resolution of critical incidents.

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