Major Incident Command Scribe Course

Course Description

The purpose of the course is to provide the students with the skills and knowledge to be able to maintain a concise and accurate record of major events pertaining to the Incident CommanderThe student will develop a core understanding of the following: ·        The Incident Command Process ·        The roles of Command Personnel in relation to the incident ·        The Command Post ·         SMEAC ·        Tactical Terminology ·        Enhance Communication skills ·        Best practice for Note-taking/What to record ·        The use of logs ·        Responsibilities of the Scribe  ·        Debrief procedures 

The course will include a practical scenario training exercise to allow the student an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to take accurate notes, while working directly with the Incident Commander. The scenario training exercise, will allow the student to experience the challenges essential in the role of Scribe. Proper note-taking can help to reduce civil liabilities, assist in SIU investigations, and increase commanding confidence knowing events have been properly recorded. 

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