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Background Critical Incident Stress Debriefs are one part of the Critical Incident Stress Management process. Critical Incident Stress Debriefs work best when combined with a larger crisis support network such as follow-up services, outreach programs, professional care and referrals. The comprehensive range of the Critical Incident Stress Management program are designed to aid the emergency personnel in managing their traumatic and cumulative stress reaction, prevent traumatic stress, mitigate traumatic stress, intervene to assist in the worker’s recovery from traumatic stress and restore the worker’s ability to function to maintain optimal health.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefs are designed to be small group “psychological first aid.” They focus, emphasize and empower coworkers after experiencing a critical overwhelming incident. The Critical Incident Stress Debrief attempts to enhance resistance to stress reactions, build resiliency and begin the recovery phase to a return to normalcy.

Learning Objectives The following topics will be covered in this one-day Critical Incident Stress Debriefs program: What is a critical incident event What Debriefs are designed to do Review key terms and concepts Understanding different types of crises Understanding the relationship between crisis and stress Goals of crisis intervention Principles of crisis intervention Critical incident stress debriefing Introduction to the 7-step model of Critical Incident Stress Debriefs Psychological and behavioural reactions to critical stressors Goals of Critical Incident Stress Debriefs Planning a Critical Incident Stress Debriefs CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefs – Considerations, Ground rules and follow-up

CCII’s Critical Incident Management Stress Debrief Overview is a 1-day training opportunity designed to provide continuing education, skills improvement, and increasing proficiency for the Front-Line Responder, which includes Police, Mobile Crisis Response Team members, Health Care / Social workers, support staff and Supervisors.

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