Major Incident Commanders Course and Recertification

Major Incident Commanders Course and Recertification

Accredited by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, via the Ontario Police College to the hosting police service. This material has been instructed to the members of the Hamilton P.S., Toronto ETF, Chatham-Kent P.S., Sarnia P.S., St. Thomas P.S., Niagara Regional P.S.,South Simcoe P.S., Windsor P.S., and Waterloo Regional P.S.

This five-day course will provide a current and comprehensive review of strategic planning and tactical considerations. A Commander’s plans and multiple directions can be among the most stressful when facing a Crime Scene Manager. This course is designed for members at the commander level to gain the necessary knowledge, skill, practice, and procedural acumen essential to effectively plan and direct operations in a hostage, barricade, or suicidal situation. Learn about the responsibilities and limitations of the Incident Command Triangle, the concepts and philosophy of crisis negotiations, subject/suspect assessment, mental illnesses, and emotionally disturbed person(s). Gain further insight into the significant impact news and social media have to potentially influence a critical incident.

We will focus on: the need for a total coordinated effort from arrival at the scene to the successful tactical resolution or intervention; the efficient and effective use of support personnel; the importance of incident command guidelines, checklists and operational planning (S.M.E.A.C); the vital role of media relations Officers and the strategic information and influence provided by the incident commander; third-party intermediary challenges; the levels of force and compromised authority; creating an exit and recovery plan; the benefits of having a psychiatrist or psychologist consulting at the command post; the difference between cumulative and critical incident stress; reviewing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and dealing with a suicidal person or suicide by cop. Arrangements will be made for a forensic psychiatrist or forensic psychologist to provide a comprehensive overview of the common mental health illnesses and the characteristics of an emotionally disturbed person.

Please contact us to discuss the option of having different levels of certification available: days 1 – 5 provide fully accredited certification and 3 – 5 alone recertifying those previously qualified as Critical Incident Commanders. If your team is only interested in being recertified please see our Critical Incident Refresher Course offering.

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